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A selection of my images is listed here, under various categories. All images are for sale, as framed photos, canvas, metal print, acrylic print, photo print, poster, pillow, mug and even phone case.

It's very simple to order: Click on the category and browse the images in large size, while seeing thumbnails of what they will look like, printed on different materials. When checking out, pay by PayPal or Credit Card, and the product(s) are shipped directly to your home address.

Click on one of the images below, and you can browse lots of images of that category, in large format, and select what type of print you want. On request, I will send you a signed certificate of authentication, following your order of poster or print.


One of my favourite animals to photograph, is the bird. The bird has an obvious and unique ability that other animals and human beings don't have: they fly! The bird can be photographed in so many different positions, like no other animal: walking, running, sitting, mating, nesting, swimming, diving, and ...flying.

My favourite locations for bird photography are in the nordic and arctic regions. These birds are robust and impressive survivors.

In the bird's eye, you can see cautiousness, fear, hunting instinct, trust and despair. You see the bird's soul, and it's beautiful.


As a nature photographer, all sorts of birds and mammals are interesting to photograph, but again, my favourite locations are the nordic and arctic regions. Of mammals, my favourites are predators (especially bears) and moose.

Please enjoy browsing my images, and your comments are welcome via blog or facebook.

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